Edge River Outfitters
                      Kentucky Trophy WHITETAIL DEER and TURKEY Hunting

Located in West Kentucky along Pond River.  The farm has been family owned for over 15 years and managed for Whitetail Deer Hunting, Turkey Hunting and fishing. Over 3500 acres of river bottoms, swamps and hardwood timber makes it ideal for managing LARGE trophy Whitetail deer and turkeys!  Our farm has over 25 food plots and 400 acres of crop fields making  it a wildlife PARADISE! If you want to experience quality Whitetail Deer Hunting at it's best look no further.

All whitetail deer and turkey hunts are fair chase!  
                                                                  No fences!

Western Kentucky is known for large whitetail deer with our vast knowledge of our prime Deer Hunting property we offer our hunters the chance of a lifetime to harvest that TROPHY WHITETAIL. Edge River Outfitters is a family owned business with 3500 acres of private land that has been hunted only by family and friends the quality of whiteail deer is second to none. So if your looking for a honest whitetail deer hunting experience give us a call, the only thing we promise is that we will give it 100% to make your deer hunting trip with us a successful one.

Brandon: Whitetail hunter, phone 1-334-488-9694
Ben: Bow hunter, phone 1-518-338-5491
Travis: Bow hunter, phone 1-518-796-7879

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